Chalimbana University

Early Childhood Studies




Early Childhood Education is a foundation for future development that provides a child with a strong basis of intelligence, personality, and social behaviour, capacity to learn and nurture oneself as an adult.

Over the years, the delivery of ECCDE services in Zambia has remained underdeveloped and uncoordinated; accessibility being at 17.1% and quality of service is still low, learning environment, curriculum and instruction material often inappropriate and limited awareness of the importance of early learning. The Ministry of General Education, therefore, realised the need to develop a standardised programme for Early Childhood Care Development and Education for teachers and other early childhood providers. Hence, in the Zambia Education Sector Plan: National Implementation Framework 2011-2015 III, page 74 (NIF 2011-2015 III), Chalimbana University was mandated to design and implement a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BECE) degree. The programme was developed using experts from various sectors who have a strong interest in early childhood education. In addition, two other Bachelor’s degree programmes are currently being developed to suit the demands and needs of society and the country as a whole.


The aim of the school is to produce quality early childhood education providers and caregivers with relevant skills to enable them to organize and manage Early Childhood, Care, Development and Education (ECCDE) as well as work on all childhood programmes and activities effectively and efficiently. 



  • Master of Science in Childhood Studies (Multidisciplinary programme)
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Child Care and Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Child and Youth Studies

Short Courses

  •   Designing quality pre-schools for early learners
  •   Perfecting skills for assistant teachers
  •   Best practices in early childhood education curriculum
  •   Continuous Professional Development in Early Childhood Education
  •   Creating and sustaining a profitable pre-school
  •   Team building in managing a pre-school
  •   Pre-school, a service and a business