Chalimbana University

Vocational and Practical Skills

Dean School of Vocational and Practical skills


The government has prioritized Vocational and Practical skills subjects in the country as outlined in the Seventh National Development Plan (2017). These developments required that training institutions in Zambia offer Design and Technology, Home Economics and Hospitality and Tourism Management in their curricula. This paradigm shift has been necessitated by the change of philosophy of the subject as envisioned by government through the national policy on education (MOE, 1996) and the Vision 2030 in which the country strives to attain middle-income status. Currently, teachers of design and technology are trained in Malawi, hence the need to localise training in this field. Therefore, it was important to create the school to teach and promote practical, survival and entrepreneurial skills.
At regional, national and global levels, the employability of business people is enhanced by the broad skills and competencies they learn from business courses. However, our business degree programmes provide a broad knowledge base, that encompasses all the domains of business namely; marketing, management, Communication and Information Technology, economics, entrepreneurship, accounting, and finance. In our degree programmes, these domains are combined with hands-on skills and competencies of sales and lead management, leadership, motivating teams, strategic thinking, and multi-tasked focusing. Our business graduates will, therefore, be able to enter professions either as managers and process administrators as well as independent leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, or supporting so-called “intrapreneurs.”




  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management and Tourism,
  • Bachelor of Design and Technology with Education
  • Bachelor of Home Economics with Education
  • Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition.